Monday, April 29, 2013

Beyond the Waves

Like a lonely island
That lies for a lost sailor
Who survives a ship-wreck
Somewhere in a highland
A young lady sits and waits
With a heart no one dares to break

Generations passed
Without a visitor to the lonely island
And then on the fourteenth of November
After four days of rain and ocean madness
Appears a young sailor
Holding onto a wooden keg.
As the weary sailor kneels down
And kisses the sand on the beach
The lonely island rejoices.
When dreams are shattered
It gives way for a new dream.

With curly hair and big brown eyes
Into the darkness she stares
Longing for a warm embrace
As she sits there wondering
How all her dreams are shattered!
From a dark horizon
Rises the sailor’s moon
Caressing her silky skin
As the cold November breeze
Whispers to her ears
‘Everything is never lost’.

Like a lonely island
That finally welcomed a sailor
She too will find a lover
And together they will live
Beyond the waves
Where coyote sings
Love songs in the night.

(As I wrote this poem... your face vividly appeared in my mind’s eye....This one’s for you)

(Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 10:54am)

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