Monday, April 29, 2013

Mourning Dove

He waited with heart filled eagerness

Under the old Eucalyptus tree

A baggage and a brown bag by his side

With an ardent passion that

No one will ever understand

He sat, he stood

In quick steps, to and fro he walked

As twilight slowly turned into night

His last hope faded away.

Alone in the darkness he sat

Cursing his fate

And all the days before that day

Sorrow gripped him and

With a feeling of remorse

For the first time he cried

For the girl he loved.

Alone on the branch of the Eucalyptus

Perched a beautiful white dove

And in the darkness of that night

Called out for his lover to return

As the night grew darker

The sound of his call grew coarser

But there was no sign of the lady dove

In a small cottage not far away

A young maiden sat by her window

Looking towards the place

Where the tall Eucalyptus tree stood

Tears were streaming down on her face

A wedding her father had planned

An escape her father had shunned

As darkness slowly filled the horizon

Her heart was filled with melancholy

Then she heard the soft voice of her Mother

“Come now my dear, away with those tears

Have a bite of the dove your father shot”.

She didn’t move nor seemed to hear

She was not hungry for food but

To be in the arms of the young man

Who sat crying under the Eucalyptus tree

Where the mourning dove sang

In the darkest of the night.

(Friday, September 28, 2012 at 5:08pm)

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