Monday, May 22, 2017


I just swept my mind;
Trying hard to keep you off my being,
I kept on dusting yet it is still clouded,
Troubled; I stood and stared at an empty space.
Have I been blinded by you?
Or was it just a crush I wonder;
So I stood in the midst of confusion,
Trying to wipe off this indelible ink on my heart.

I just wept me blind;
I tried hard to pull off the curtain,
To see beyond this clouded mind.
Can this chain ever be broken?
To regain what was lost;
Is real or am I just dreaming?
How nice would it be, to wake, to smile again
Alas! I woke Up! I was suffocating meself with me pillow.

(Didini Tochhawng and I wrote this together online through facebook chat. Didini started with the first line and off we went...each taking turns at writing a line...Written back in 2011..)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Back to You

Slowly he gets out of bed
Lights a cigarette, and pours another drink
Pictures from the past plays in his head
Visions blur when everything’s gone in a blink.

He remembers the day he said goodbye
As he steps outside on a balcony
He looks up at the December sky
And tries to push away the agony

“Life’s just like this!” whispers he
“You fall in love and fall out of love
Never knowing where you’re gonna be
You sing a love song like a lonesome dove!

So, again he whispers
In the deepest and darkest of the night
“Don’t you worry Mister!
When the wine’s red and the mood’s right...

Love will find its way! Back to you!

The Wounded Lover

To whom we once lay low
And made promises to;
Became yesterday's lovers.

Not knowing that we would come back,
'Forever wounded’ we rushed in to love.
Those who promised us 'forever’
Sealed with love and kisses,
Took leave on a warm summer day
And our forever ended
Just like that!

What do you do when your forever
Ended up in a smoke?

The shell is broken
And the shield has melted
Like a snow on a summer day.

Season will change
And a broken heart will find shelter.
What was lost once will then be forgotten!

A spark somewhere will light up those fiery hearts once again.
One day, we will look back
At what was lost and thank the Almighty
For the heartache, broken dreams
And late night tears.
We will lie in the arms of true love,
Like a wounded lover;
Whose love is perfected in weakness.

The Dancing Sparrow

In a place far away from the crowd
Where sparrows dance
Beneath the beautiful cloud
Under a spell; lost in a trance!
“Sing to me a love song” whispered she
So I sang like a dove
Drowning in a sea of love.

“I’ll be your knight
And you’ll be my queen
Like the dancing sparrow -
Who welcomed his sweet love
To the simple nest
Built with all his might-
Together we will dance
In the bright moonlit night
With no worries for tomorrow”

“Tell me about the Dancing Sparrow” said she
So I told her the story
Of how the little sparrow
Built a nest of straw with love
For his little lady sparrow.
“The beauty of the story is” said I
“For the dancing sparrow
A simple nest and love
Are all he needs;
For love does not care where love lies”.

My Endless Summer Dream

In a land far away;
Beyond the long winding roads,
And silent hills of whispering winds;
By the lush green valley,
Beside the beautiful calm lakes;
That’s where you’ll find me-
Lying on a rooftop,
Dreaming about you;
Lost in an endless summer dream.

In my dreams you never cease
To make an appearance;
In various dresses; at different places.
But there’s one thing you always did:
Without fail you’d turn my way,
Brushing your curly hair aside;
And smiled at me ever sweetly.
Don’t walk away and please stay,
Until dreams are made real;
Cause, you’re my endless summer dream.

A Journey

Under a moonlit night
I saw a man with a forehead white
A bun on top and a few curly hairs falling around
Sitting cross legged under a tree
So I asked, “What does the future hold for me?”
“It’s all about the stars my friend” he said
“Pick a star to follow and it will take you home”
I had known only a few stars in my life
Pointing at Venus I asked, “How ‘bout Venus?”
“Venus’s taken” he said “Pick an unknown star;
For the future is not known and you have a long way to travel
A journey with the end unknown”

So I picked a less bright star
Shining in the east to be my star
And on I went on the journey of life
Until I stopped at a desolated place
Where I met an old man clad in rags
Leaning against a wall with beard unshaven
I walked up to him and asked
“How’s life treating you Sir?”
He looked up and in his eyes
I could see traces of a man rejected
“Life! There’s nothing more to it
I have none to call my own;
My bed is where I rest my head when the sun’s down
I have stopped living since I lost her!
The star I chose”.
“But, Sir….” said I when he cut me off and said:
“Life does not care whether you live or die
You are just another working bee!”