Friday, May 19, 2017

The Dancing Sparrow

In a place far away from the crowd
Where sparrows dance
Beneath the beautiful cloud
Under a spell; lost in a trance!
“Sing to me a love song” whispered she
So I sang like a dove
Drowning in a sea of love.

“I’ll be your knight
And you’ll be my queen
Like the dancing sparrow -
Who welcomed his sweet love
To the simple nest
Built with all his might-
Together we will dance
In the bright moonlit night
With no worries for tomorrow”

“Tell me about the Dancing Sparrow” said she
So I told her the story
Of how the little sparrow
Built a nest of straw with love
For his little lady sparrow.
“The beauty of the story is” said I
“For the dancing sparrow
A simple nest and love
Are all he needs;
For love does not care where love lies”.

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