Friday, May 19, 2017

A Journey

Under a moonlit night
I saw a man with a forehead white
A bun on top and a few curly hairs falling around
Sitting cross legged under a tree
So I asked, “What does the future hold for me?”
“It’s all about the stars my friend” he said
“Pick a star to follow and it will take you home”
I had known only a few stars in my life
Pointing at Venus I asked, “How ‘bout Venus?”
“Venus’s taken” he said “Pick an unknown star;
For the future is not known and you have a long way to travel
A journey with the end unknown”

So I picked a less bright star
Shining in the east to be my star
And on I went on the journey of life
Until I stopped at a desolated place
Where I met an old man clad in rags
Leaning against a wall with beard unshaven
I walked up to him and asked
“How’s life treating you Sir?”
He looked up and in his eyes
I could see traces of a man rejected
“Life! There’s nothing more to it
I have none to call my own;
My bed is where I rest my head when the sun’s down
I have stopped living since I lost her!
The star I chose”.
“But, Sir….” said I when he cut me off and said:
“Life does not care whether you live or die
You are just another working bee!”

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