Friday, May 19, 2017

The Wounded Lover

To whom we once lay low
And made promises to;
Became yesterday's lovers.

Not knowing that we would come back,
'Forever wounded’ we rushed in to love.
Those who promised us 'forever’
Sealed with love and kisses,
Took leave on a warm summer day
And our forever ended
Just like that!

What do you do when your forever
Ended up in a smoke?

The shell is broken
And the shield has melted
Like a snow on a summer day.

Season will change
And a broken heart will find shelter.
What was lost once will then be forgotten!

A spark somewhere will light up those fiery hearts once again.
One day, we will look back
At what was lost and thank the Almighty
For the heartache, broken dreams
And late night tears.
We will lie in the arms of true love,
Like a wounded lover;
Whose love is perfected in weakness.

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