Monday, May 22, 2017


I just swept my mind;
Trying hard to keep you off my being,
I kept on dusting yet it is still clouded,
Troubled; I stood and stared at an empty space.
Have I been blinded by you?
Or was it just a crush I wonder;
So I stood in the midst of confusion,
Trying to wipe off this indelible ink on my heart.

I just wept me blind;
I tried hard to pull off the curtain,
To see beyond this clouded mind.
Can this chain ever be broken?
To regain what was lost;
Is real or am I just dreaming?
How nice would it be, to wake, to smile again
Alas! I woke Up! I was suffocating meself with me pillow.

(Didini Tochhawng and I wrote this together online through facebook chat. Didini started with the first line and off we went...each taking turns at writing a line...Written back in 2011..)

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