Friday, May 29, 2009


We go out in the street and meet beggars who can not have a square meal daily. We hear about our friends and loved ones - down with cancer, hepatitis or aids. And when we turned on the TV and radios, what we see and hear in the news are mainly about sufferings, accidents, bomb blasts, hurricanes and other disasters. Pain pain pain..will it ever stop ? A mother died and she happened to be a 'single parent'..a child died and he happened to be the only son of an elderly couple..what do all these meant ? Are they teaching us lessons ? Where is God when we cry ?? When we are in pain, we asked "why ?" but, God is always silent about pain..Does God feel our pain ? I think God does feel when we are in pain. Yes, he did cry when Lazarus died, didn't he ? Oh yes, he felt ! He cried in the Gesemani..and ASKED GOD THE FATHER to take away the cup..yes, he was in pain. He was in pain because of our sins. Right ? Say yes. Then when we are in pain, when we suffer, do we suffer from sicknesses because we did something wrong ? Is 'pain' a punishment from God ?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Vacation

Yes, summer vacation is here. Unlike its cousin sister- winter vacation, it does not have any charms as the ever rising mercury still decided to shoot up. The mind's blank..the thoughts ain't deep..yeah, pretty shallow..huiham..this is a part of the year and this is a part of our life.. Life's short..Got so many things to do while I stay here in this world..but, by the end of the day I always end up doing nothing much... Hmm,let summer pass..