Sunday, December 20, 2009

Going Home...

I find it hard to believe that the day has actually turned out for me to go home..kinda sound unreal...the enthusiasm has almost died down... Got hundreds of things to do...the list of things that I would like to do in 'ten days holiday' seems to be unending..gosh ! am I exciting!!!?? Today we had annual day celebration ( an evening program) was one of the most grand(est) ever Annual Day Celebration I have ever attended and be a part of it !! Many thoughts crossed my minds..yeah, I remember reminiscing about our school days where the annual day used to be a sport day which would end with certificate distribution..the good part was that we never complaint about it as we didn't have any ideas how students in other part of this same earth celebrate their Annual Day ! Today, the stage looked awesome ! It was fit for Femina Miss India Contest..and our tiny well did they perform ! Wish I was young again and get this kind of opportunity to study in a school like ours...must be great being a student..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nothing much...

Exactly 8 days to go before I go home for Christmas..Bhubaneswar winter is not cold at all and we dont get chance to wear sweaters nor jackets..couldn't look famous :D Zan lamah hian tihtur a vang thei khawp mai..hna thawh tur chu a awm a. Planning eng eng emaw khawih ngai a awm a, mahse, ka khawih peih chiah bawk si lova. Haw ka chak ve ang reng a, chuti em emin ka chak lo bawk a. Nikum ang em kha chuan ka phur lo niin ka hria.. Vawiin lam chu TOK chungchangah meeting kan nei a.. Pune atangin Mr Tiwari a rawn kal a. Kan inkawm a, a fel kher mai. Vai smart hi chu smart tak an ni. Mizo smart hi eng nge an an ang ? Hnam upa deuh zawk na na na chuan sawi awm tawk leh nuihdan tawk thleng hian an thiam zawk emaw ni le tihtur a ni..a smart-a te hi chu...Mut a chhuak deuh ruih pawh a thip deuh..ka la mu peih chiah bawk si lova..peih lo chung chungin blog hi ka update mai mai a..nakinah..ka la chhiar leh deuh takin tih thu mai mai..mi blog chhiar peih ber, mizo zingah chuan Kima a niin ka ring a..ani hian a lo chhiar leh mai thei..mi mak tak a ni Kima hi.. :D Kima is a strange man..strange in a positive way..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

27th October

Thil ka han ziak mai dawn a, mahse, vawiin hi ni engzat nge a nih reng ka hre chhuak zo lova. Calendar han en mai tur a awm lova, phone leh computer lama mi lah ka check kual vel peih hek lo. Nimin kha 26th Oct niin ka hria a, ka lo hresual leh pek a nih pawhin eng pawi mah a thlen phah em lovang chu. Zingah khan kan Campus kianga Surya Dawr-ah thingpui inin ka chhuak a. Tukin chu nimin tuk ai mah khan a vawt zawk tawh a, boruak a thiang a, a nuam kher mai. Thlasik boruak thiang tak mai han hip vang vang hi chu ngaih te hi a tha veng veng mai a..dam man a awm hliah hliah mai a ni. Book Translation hi 30th September khan ka zo va,hei October thla a ral leh hnu thleng pawhin duh thu a la sam hlei thei lo a nih hi...loks..chawngzawng ka room-ah an lo lut..

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mom's Death Anniversary

Today's the eleventh anniversary of Mom's death. I miss her so much. Sometimes, I dont think I would ever be whole again, without her around... Listen, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all sleep, but we will be changed- in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the death will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. For the perishable must clothe itself with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality. When the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come true : " Death has been swallowed up in victory" "Where, O death, is your victory ? Where, O death, is your sting ?

Friday, May 29, 2009


We go out in the street and meet beggars who can not have a square meal daily. We hear about our friends and loved ones - down with cancer, hepatitis or aids. And when we turned on the TV and radios, what we see and hear in the news are mainly about sufferings, accidents, bomb blasts, hurricanes and other disasters. Pain pain pain..will it ever stop ? A mother died and she happened to be a 'single parent'..a child died and he happened to be the only son of an elderly couple..what do all these meant ? Are they teaching us lessons ? Where is God when we cry ?? When we are in pain, we asked "why ?" but, God is always silent about pain..Does God feel our pain ? I think God does feel when we are in pain. Yes, he did cry when Lazarus died, didn't he ? Oh yes, he felt ! He cried in the Gesemani..and ASKED GOD THE FATHER to take away the cup..yes, he was in pain. He was in pain because of our sins. Right ? Say yes. Then when we are in pain, when we suffer, do we suffer from sicknesses because we did something wrong ? Is 'pain' a punishment from God ?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Vacation

Yes, summer vacation is here. Unlike its cousin sister- winter vacation, it does not have any charms as the ever rising mercury still decided to shoot up. The mind's blank..the thoughts ain't deep..yeah, pretty shallow..huiham..this is a part of the year and this is a part of our life.. Life's short..Got so many things to do while I stay here in this world..but, by the end of the day I always end up doing nothing much... Hmm,let summer pass..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Don't Cry

Looking at the lifeless body lying next to him, his memory flashed back at the past. The first time they met and the night she told him that she would love him till she dies. The completeness he felt when he was with her, the beautiful smiles filled with love and dedication, the sounds of her laughter were the most beautiful music to his ears. He remembered the way he felt when he held her in his arms and kissed her. But, now, as he watched her fade away, tears were rolling down on his cheeks, and as the unstoppable pain surged through his very being, someone said, “ Don’t cry”. Lying all alone in her bed, she saw him in her mind’s eyes. She could see the very lips that had whispered promises to her, and the promises he said to her rang through her head. She covered her ears so as to stop hearing those empty promises which were still ringing in her ears. She saw her life before her and it was impossible to forget him, cruel as he was. She clenched her fist and hit the pillow, self pity hit her like a strong winter hurricane. She hated herself for being so ignorant a girl. She then felt the baby moved in her womb. She could not see what future holds for her and then she cried, but a voice was saying, “Don't you cry”. For a twelve years old boy, it was difficult to accept the reality. He held out the picture of a beautiful woman which he had been holding against his heart, and looked into her eyes and whispered, “Mom, why did you leave me ?”. Someone told him that his mom must have been in heaven, singing and praising the Lamb. But, he did not understand such a complex belief. For, a boy like him who had nobody else to call his own, it was impossible to face the raging world without his mom. Had she been there with him, they would have been in the Carnival on a day like that day. But, he knew that things would never be the same again. He looked out from the window and saw stars which were scattered all over the sky and wondered where heaven might be. It was for nobody to understand what he was going through and what was on his minds. As he was watching the stars, he embraced her picture and cried. Someone then touched his shoulder and whispered, “Don’t cry”. The last time they heard about him was from one of their neighbors who said that he met him in a tavern, about a thousand miles from their home town. He said that their son looked so pale and thin that it would be quite easy to mistake him for a ghost. Yes, he had been their hero, the very reason of their existence. They never disappointed him nor denied him of what he wanted. They had been cherishing him and waiting for him to grow up, but when he finally did they wished that he had never grown up and remained the little sweet boy who ran around in the courtyard. They wondered where their only son might be at that moment. There were hundreds of questions on their minds, to which they knew not an answer. So they knelt down in front of the crucifixion, holding each other’s hand, humbled by the pain they were going through. As they were pouring out their hearts, tears were streaming down on their cheeks. Then, they heard a voice, saying, “Don’t cry”. So dear, please do not cry.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


What do you do when the only person who can make you stop crying is the person who made you cry?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A visit to historical place..

These are the caves carved out in the sandstone by Jain king Kharavela whose period of reign extended from 168 to 153 B.C. People said that these caves served as the dwelling places of the Jain monks who believed in leading an existence stripped off all worldly and material comforts...
It was pretty hot when we went there and the black shirt by no means was the right choice for the day...Ih, Jain puithiamho tawm thinna ho hi chu rin ai tak chuan a dai phian a..a kher vel hi a hautak hmel ngang mai. Keini ang chuan kher dawn ta ila..mahni tawmna khawp kan kher hmain kan rinna lamin min phatsan hmanin ka ring deuh..lolzz..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 having fever..

Hmelchhe deuh deuhvin ka blog an lo tlawh vang ni chiang mai..including "YOU"..yes, you.. Vitamin C ei teh ang.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

2009-ah khawnge kan awm hlawm..

When 2009 dawns..many things changed..but, even as many things have changed, it seems like people like us never my hair which has grown pretty long (not looking pretty though). Ok, where are the girls ?? Haven't heard about the two flight attendants. They probably are flying somewhere beyond those white clouds. Rosy has got married to the Lecturer..Lecturers are hot I guessd, but, maybe, they are too hot for one of our very own (....) because, she broke up with her Lecturer lover. The big boss Renthleia has become an Editor different newspaper and weekly magazine, including Zozam Weekly and Evening Post...It actually is not his line..but he thinks that it is his, he is doing fine. Lalrin has got a daughter..a ap aiin a harh mah a, a pa a hmelchhiat aiin a hmel tha fu bawk..and Lalrin is Physics Lecturer now at PUC. Damtei is in Singapore for her PhD in Biotech..Avid is HSS Teacher, MK is working at Axis Bank, Maruati is at Lengpui..U Zodini is still roaming around with her Camera, making mainly Documentary Film for Govt Departments..Its sad that our Mass Com Graduates are not interested in making Mizo Movies, cos Mizo Movies we have are all terrible.. Margaret is Civil Hospital Dietrician, Sangteii has got married..Rosangzuala misual is working for SSA..Thanga Paihte..I dont really know his whereabouts..the last time I heard about him was that, he failed to get into Mizoram Police Dept.. They said he stood on his tiptoe when they measured his height and managed to get selected, got through physical test, but, failed in the written exam...Champhai velah "hairep" te zuar zawk sela.. Chama got a daughter..but not a wife..thats sad...he could have both..lets hope the best for him. Mapuia of Basketball is in Aizawl..dont know whether he has become Sports Officer..Steve is Captain in Indian Army..That Kullai, who set an amazing record at HSLC exam has become Tax Inspector, he could have done better, am not happy for his achievement..I dont call it an achievement for a guy like him. James is at ATC, following Pu Vanlalnghaka's steps..Zorema too has become Police Inspector..thats a real surprise..RC-a is working at Providence..and pretty content...huis..ka peih tawh lo ve...

Sunday Mornings...

Wasn't feelin well lastnite. I hit pillow with a heavy head. I have just too many things on my mind which I would like to do and it is killing me. Tukin erawh ka tho harh phian a..naupang tetakte te, Sunday zinga ka lenchhuahpui thin hovin ka room kawngkhar an rawn kick thawmah ka harh ve chauh a. Nia, ka luna te pawh a lo reh daih tawh a. Ka hmai pawh phih lovin kekawrbul leh T-shirt ha chungin ka chhuak a, nidanga ka hruai ve ngai loh naupang dang paruk laiin kal ve min dil a :) ka phal lova :) :) kan tam lutuk chuan a buaithlak tlat. Campus atanga kan chhuah hmain mikhual (4 men) nen kan intawk a. kan sikulah an fanute pathum dah an duhthu min hrilh a, sikul chanchin min zawt a, an dilchhut khawp mai a. An hmel a zahawm hlawm ang reng sia, kei lah...hmai pawh ka phih si lo. pathianni zing dar sarihah tunge fate sikul tur zawng kual duk duk reng reng tidik lo a ni. :) Pathianni zinga naupang pali chauh ka walk pui thin na chhan : 1) A te te thlan khawm an nia. An khaw har loh nan..a chang chuan we play hide and seek. 2) I dont go to churh. So, I used to pluck some flowers to be kept near the picture of crucifixion. Hetia, pangpar te ka han dah hnu hi chuan ka ngaih hi a tha ve mai...