Monday, April 29, 2013

My December

On January first he packed his bag

With a heart laden worries

That he may never make it home safe

A kiss to his lady love

And a light peck on the cheeks of his new born girl

As he whispered “Come December, I’ll be home

To lay a million kisses on both of you”

Before he left, he plucked the sweet pansies

And placed on his girls’s hairs

Saying, “Goodbye my sweet pansies”.

Letters after letters he sent

He spoke of the war, the weather

And the aroma of her kitchen that he missed

In every letter he wrote ‘Come December, I’ll be home

To lay a million kisses on both of you’

She knew what it takes to marry a man like him

And prayed every morn and night

That he may make it home safe

As she softly lay her baby in the crib

She whispered ‘ Come December, he’ll be home

To lay a million kisses on both of us’.

Out she pulled a chair and sat

Writing to him about how the day passed

‘How I wished you’d seen her today’ she wrote

‘Every day is a day of joy woven with loneliness

But, each passing day brings us closer to December

Just make it home safe’.

Summer’s gone and then came winter

Darkness swallowed daylight faster

Than any time of the year

As she rocked her baby to sleep at night

She dreamed of December dawn

But then came the news

Which broke her heart

And shattered her dreams

Dreams ended in love’s despair!

Twenty years had passed

When another December dawned

She stood there on her front porch

Holding his picture close to her heart

As tears slowly found their way down on her cheeks

She whispered, “The baby that you bade goodbye

Has grown to be a lady;

Twenty Decembers had passed

But, you have not made it home

To lay a million kisses on both of us”

Twenty years she had stood strong

But today she found no more strength

She fell as weakness swallowed her

As her soul passed away and slowly rose above

Somewhere in a distance someone whispered

‘Come with me, my December

I’ll lay a million kisses on you’.

(Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 3:56pm)

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