Monday, April 29, 2013


She’d been building castles

Negating the foundation

While she had none!

His friendship; she took it as a sign

Of promises and a future together

‘Cause she made herself believe

That he’d been in love with her.

Sometimes love makes you blind

On a fine autumn morning she woke up

To find an e-mail that broke her heart

That one short mail brought her to tears

A mail that said he’d found a girl

And a proposal he would make to her

By the end of that autumn.

Sometimes love hurts you bad.

She thought what they had was special

All the sweet words and latenight calls

Had given her hopes

But the short mail of that autumn morning

Broke her heart and shattered her dreams

And for the first time she realized

That all they had together

Was only a friendship

Sometimes love makes you cry.

Sadness became her atmosphere

Each night she went to bed

With questions in her mind

Should she tell him how she felt

Or should she kept pretending

That she’s happy for him?

Was she too late to save herself?

Night after night she lay awake

Crying herself to sleep

Sometimes love makes you cry.

(Friday, September 14, 2012 at 6:36pm)

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