Monday, April 29, 2013

The Girl With the Dimpled Cheeks

Letters won’t help, and sweet words won’t matter
As I know not where you live;
And action ain’t no option,
As you’re nowhere to be found again, since the day I first saw you
So, I write you a poem,
With a hope to see you once again.

Here’s my story girl -
It’s just a normal Saturday
With people walking up and down the street
Heading unknown destinations
Cars lined up in the street
Whistles blown amidst the honking cars
Below my window
As I sat there
Watching life as it passed me by.

‘Twas just another Saturday,
Until you made an entrance
Into that busy life of the street
Talking to someone on the phone
With white headphones
Hanging down on your face
You smiled as you lightly paced
Along the sidewalk.

Hard to tell how I felt then
The dimples on your cheek
With curly hairs flowing above your neck
You didn’t make an entrance
In the busy street alone
But to my life
And you stole my heart.

Since that day every Saturday
I’ve been sitting here waiting
For you to come and make
Just one more entrance
Not for the street nor the world
But for me and me alone.
Then maybe, just maybe
If your heart is willing
I’ll turn the pages
And write us a brand new love story.

(````for the one with the dimpled cheeks `````)

(Monday, March 18, 2013 at 6:40pm)

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