Monday, May 22, 2017


I just swept my mind;
Trying hard to keep you off my being,
I kept on dusting yet it is still clouded,
Troubled; I stood and stared at an empty space.
Have I been blinded by you?
Or was it just a crush I wonder;
So I stood in the midst of confusion,
Trying to wipe off this indelible ink on my heart.

I just wept me blind;
I tried hard to pull off the curtain,
To see beyond this clouded mind.
Can this chain ever be broken?
To regain what was lost;
Is real or am I just dreaming?
How nice would it be, to wake, to smile again
Alas! I woke Up! I was suffocating meself with me pillow.

(Didini Tochhawng and I wrote this together online through facebook chat. Didini started with the first line and off we went...each taking turns at writing a line...Written back in 2011..)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Back to You

Slowly he gets out of bed
Lights a cigarette, and pours another drink
Pictures from the past plays in his head
Visions blur when everything’s gone in a blink.

He remembers the day he said goodbye
As he steps outside on a balcony
He looks up at the December sky
And tries to push away the agony

“Life’s just like this!” whispers he
“You fall in love and fall out of love
Never knowing where you’re gonna be
You sing a love song like a lonesome dove!

So, again he whispers
In the deepest and darkest of the night
“Don’t you worry Mister!
When the wine’s red and the mood’s right...

Love will find its way! Back to you!

The Wounded Lover

To whom we once lay low
And made promises to;
Became yesterday's lovers.

Not knowing that we would come back,
'Forever wounded’ we rushed in to love.
Those who promised us 'forever’
Sealed with love and kisses,
Took leave on a warm summer day
And our forever ended
Just like that!

What do you do when your forever
Ended up in a smoke?

The shell is broken
And the shield has melted
Like a snow on a summer day.

Season will change
And a broken heart will find shelter.
What was lost once will then be forgotten!

A spark somewhere will light up those fiery hearts once again.
One day, we will look back
At what was lost and thank the Almighty
For the heartache, broken dreams
And late night tears.
We will lie in the arms of true love,
Like a wounded lover;
Whose love is perfected in weakness.

The Dancing Sparrow

In a place far away from the crowd
Where sparrows dance
Beneath the beautiful cloud
Under a spell; lost in a trance!
“Sing to me a love song” whispered she
So I sang like a dove
Drowning in a sea of love.

“I’ll be your knight
And you’ll be my queen
Like the dancing sparrow -
Who welcomed his sweet love
To the simple nest
Built with all his might-
Together we will dance
In the bright moonlit night
With no worries for tomorrow”

“Tell me about the Dancing Sparrow” said she
So I told her the story
Of how the little sparrow
Built a nest of straw with love
For his little lady sparrow.
“The beauty of the story is” said I
“For the dancing sparrow
A simple nest and love
Are all he needs;
For love does not care where love lies”.

My Endless Summer Dream

In a land far away;
Beyond the long winding roads,
And silent hills of whispering winds;
By the lush green valley,
Beside the beautiful calm lakes;
That’s where you’ll find me-
Lying on a rooftop,
Dreaming about you;
Lost in an endless summer dream.

In my dreams you never cease
To make an appearance;
In various dresses; at different places.
But there’s one thing you always did:
Without fail you’d turn my way,
Brushing your curly hair aside;
And smiled at me ever sweetly.
Don’t walk away and please stay,
Until dreams are made real;
Cause, you’re my endless summer dream.

A Journey

Under a moonlit night
I saw a man with a forehead white
A bun on top and a few curly hairs falling around
Sitting cross legged under a tree
So I asked, “What does the future hold for me?”
“It’s all about the stars my friend” he said
“Pick a star to follow and it will take you home”
I had known only a few stars in my life
Pointing at Venus I asked, “How ‘bout Venus?”
“Venus’s taken” he said “Pick an unknown star;
For the future is not known and you have a long way to travel
A journey with the end unknown”

So I picked a less bright star
Shining in the east to be my star
And on I went on the journey of life
Until I stopped at a desolated place
Where I met an old man clad in rags
Leaning against a wall with beard unshaven
I walked up to him and asked
“How’s life treating you Sir?”
He looked up and in his eyes
I could see traces of a man rejected
“Life! There’s nothing more to it
I have none to call my own;
My bed is where I rest my head when the sun’s down
I have stopped living since I lost her!
The star I chose”.
“But, Sir….” said I when he cut me off and said:
“Life does not care whether you live or die
You are just another working bee!”

Monday, April 29, 2013

Beyond the Waves

Like a lonely island
That lies for a lost sailor
Who survives a ship-wreck
Somewhere in a highland
A young lady sits and waits
With a heart no one dares to break

Generations passed
Without a visitor to the lonely island
And then on the fourteenth of November
After four days of rain and ocean madness
Appears a young sailor
Holding onto a wooden keg.
As the weary sailor kneels down
And kisses the sand on the beach
The lonely island rejoices.
When dreams are shattered
It gives way for a new dream.

With curly hair and big brown eyes
Into the darkness she stares
Longing for a warm embrace
As she sits there wondering
How all her dreams are shattered!
From a dark horizon
Rises the sailor’s moon
Caressing her silky skin
As the cold November breeze
Whispers to her ears
‘Everything is never lost’.

Like a lonely island
That finally welcomed a sailor
She too will find a lover
And together they will live
Beyond the waves
Where coyote sings
Love songs in the night.

(As I wrote this poem... your face vividly appeared in my mind’s eye....This one’s for you)

(Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 10:54am)

The Royal Empress

Leaning against the Royal Empress

With blue-ish top and a light grey jeans

Dreaming with eyes shut; you’re the temptress!

Won my heart; queen of teens.

Time flies they say but the heart stays

Where it found love for the first time

So, back in time I travel today;

Years after I’ve passed my prime.

Caught in a trance as I lay

Wondering if I’ll ever climb

The hill where the royal empress stays.

I picture you in my mind’s eye

Smiling at me as a north-west wind

Gently shakes the Royal Empress as we lie

Together in each other’s arms.

I’ve been wandering far and wide

Hoping that the heartache will find

A solace somewhere but I bide

Heartbroken as you stay on in my mind

One day the tears will dry

And this poor heart will stop beating

And darling I’ll be there

Buried under the royal empress tree

Next to you; forever and aye.

( Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 7:05pm)

One More Song For A Lonesome Heart

Raindrops falling on my window panes

Within me loneliness ignite

As I lay awake wondering if it rains

In my sweet little hometown tonight

Feels like I’m going insane

Without you by my side

Call me darling to ease the pains

And tell me everything’s alright

My heart’s in chains

With no more songs to write

Let all you saints

Say a prayer for my soul’s delight

Free of chains

My heart will then write

One more song for a lonesome heart.

(Friday, March 22, 2013 at 6:08pm)

The Girl With the Dimpled Cheeks

Letters won’t help, and sweet words won’t matter
As I know not where you live;
And action ain’t no option,
As you’re nowhere to be found again, since the day I first saw you
So, I write you a poem,
With a hope to see you once again.

Here’s my story girl -
It’s just a normal Saturday
With people walking up and down the street
Heading unknown destinations
Cars lined up in the street
Whistles blown amidst the honking cars
Below my window
As I sat there
Watching life as it passed me by.

‘Twas just another Saturday,
Until you made an entrance
Into that busy life of the street
Talking to someone on the phone
With white headphones
Hanging down on your face
You smiled as you lightly paced
Along the sidewalk.

Hard to tell how I felt then
The dimples on your cheek
With curly hairs flowing above your neck
You didn’t make an entrance
In the busy street alone
But to my life
And you stole my heart.

Since that day every Saturday
I’ve been sitting here waiting
For you to come and make
Just one more entrance
Not for the street nor the world
But for me and me alone.
Then maybe, just maybe
If your heart is willing
I’ll turn the pages
And write us a brand new love story.

(````for the one with the dimpled cheeks `````)

(Monday, March 18, 2013 at 6:40pm)

Dance in the Rain

You said you can’t feel love anymore

You said you’d rather die alone

Than live a lie

And die in somebody’s arms

Yet you said you’re lonesome

End the chapter

And hold my hand

Let’s dance in the rain

And write a new chapter together

You said it’s hard to close the cycle

You said you can’t let go the memories

Can’t leave the past

No one can live in the past and the present

Move on and make a room for new memories

End the chapter

And hold my hand

Let’s dance in the rain

And write a new chapter together

(Sunday, February 3, 2013 at 6:10pm)

*written for someone in whose arms I may never lie*

The Girl in the Tavern

Fire in the fireplace
In a tavern somewhere
"Pour me a drink"
Yelled someone
To the girl in the tavern

She sighed; she poured
She smiled
Her eyes;her eyes
Like a fire
Can burn your heart into ashes

Dreams she had
Of a handsome young man
Who'll show up at the tavern
Then she'll smile
And pour a drink after another
And while he drinks away his worries
She'll sit beside him
And her eyes;her eyes
Will burn his heart
Like a fire that never stop burning.

( Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 8:20pm)

Remembering the Past

Seven years have passed;

Since the first heartbreak,

It’s been awhile since the last kiss.

She knows that now is the time

To move on and bury the past;

Closing the door to the past and,

Open it to the future.

So she makes her way to the mirror,

And looks at the face

Of a desolated young lady,

Whose boat had sunk

In the ocean of love.

In her face she could see

The traces of lonely summers

And of the sleepless winter nights.

Forcing a smile,

She reaches out for a make-up;

A lipstick and an eyeliner.

But as make-ups slowly lighten her face,

She just can’t help remembering the past;

So for a thousand times;

Her heart sinks in sadness.

She closes her eyes,

While the face in the mirror slowly vanishes

She whispers, “I can’t do it”.

How can anyone ever forget the past,

And bury the laughter and the tears forever?

This is the story of your life

So keep it safe

And learn to live with it

As summer comes and goes

Tears will dry and a smile will bring a new love

And love will take you for another journey

Then a new history will be written.

But maybe dear, now’s not the time yet.

(Tuesday, January 29, 2013 at 11:02am)

Take A Chance

Feels like a princess

Surrounded by love and lovers

You hear people whisper

“She’s so beautiful!”

Everywhere you go

You know you win hearts

Makes you smile,

Makes you lost in you.

You take the love

You take the hearts

And throw them away

You walk around like Juliet

But girl, you’re no Capulet

‘Cos you won’t just let

Your heart love someone

Queen without a subject

Battling with nothing

But loneliness alone

Is what you’ll be

Then you’ll hear people whisper

“Loneliness has taken away her beauty”

So, take a chance girl

Take a chance on love.

(Wednesday, December 19, 2012 at 3:46pm)

My December

On January first he packed his bag

With a heart laden worries

That he may never make it home safe

A kiss to his lady love

And a light peck on the cheeks of his new born girl

As he whispered “Come December, I’ll be home

To lay a million kisses on both of you”

Before he left, he plucked the sweet pansies

And placed on his girls’s hairs

Saying, “Goodbye my sweet pansies”.

Letters after letters he sent

He spoke of the war, the weather

And the aroma of her kitchen that he missed

In every letter he wrote ‘Come December, I’ll be home

To lay a million kisses on both of you’

She knew what it takes to marry a man like him

And prayed every morn and night

That he may make it home safe

As she softly lay her baby in the crib

She whispered ‘ Come December, he’ll be home

To lay a million kisses on both of us’.

Out she pulled a chair and sat

Writing to him about how the day passed

‘How I wished you’d seen her today’ she wrote

‘Every day is a day of joy woven with loneliness

But, each passing day brings us closer to December

Just make it home safe’.

Summer’s gone and then came winter

Darkness swallowed daylight faster

Than any time of the year

As she rocked her baby to sleep at night

She dreamed of December dawn

But then came the news

Which broke her heart

And shattered her dreams

Dreams ended in love’s despair!

Twenty years had passed

When another December dawned

She stood there on her front porch

Holding his picture close to her heart

As tears slowly found their way down on her cheeks

She whispered, “The baby that you bade goodbye

Has grown to be a lady;

Twenty Decembers had passed

But, you have not made it home

To lay a million kisses on both of us”

Twenty years she had stood strong

But today she found no more strength

She fell as weakness swallowed her

As her soul passed away and slowly rose above

Somewhere in a distance someone whispered

‘Come with me, my December

I’ll lay a million kisses on you’.

(Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 3:56pm)

When Ladybug Flies

With dreamy eyes she awakes

Late in the morning at nine

With a new day comes another heartache

Sleeping Beauty - kissed by the wrong prince!

Well she’d tried, she’d given it all

To the one love she loved

All for nothing but for her fall

“No more strength” she thought

To walk outdoor and start a new life

She closed her eyes again and lay there wide awake

Like a ladybug who won’t fly.

No more love, no more songs

Dreams ended where fantasies wrecked!

Beauty she has but no more dreams

Well she’ll find strength and fly again

Until found by a true lover

Then she’ll live life in its fulness.

(Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 6:50pm)

Mourning Dove

He waited with heart filled eagerness

Under the old Eucalyptus tree

A baggage and a brown bag by his side

With an ardent passion that

No one will ever understand

He sat, he stood

In quick steps, to and fro he walked

As twilight slowly turned into night

His last hope faded away.

Alone in the darkness he sat

Cursing his fate

And all the days before that day

Sorrow gripped him and

With a feeling of remorse

For the first time he cried

For the girl he loved.

Alone on the branch of the Eucalyptus

Perched a beautiful white dove

And in the darkness of that night

Called out for his lover to return

As the night grew darker

The sound of his call grew coarser

But there was no sign of the lady dove

In a small cottage not far away

A young maiden sat by her window

Looking towards the place

Where the tall Eucalyptus tree stood

Tears were streaming down on her face

A wedding her father had planned

An escape her father had shunned

As darkness slowly filled the horizon

Her heart was filled with melancholy

Then she heard the soft voice of her Mother

“Come now my dear, away with those tears

Have a bite of the dove your father shot”.

She didn’t move nor seemed to hear

She was not hungry for food but

To be in the arms of the young man

Who sat crying under the Eucalyptus tree

Where the mourning dove sang

In the darkest of the night.

(Friday, September 28, 2012 at 5:08pm)


She’d been building castles

Negating the foundation

While she had none!

His friendship; she took it as a sign

Of promises and a future together

‘Cause she made herself believe

That he’d been in love with her.

Sometimes love makes you blind

On a fine autumn morning she woke up

To find an e-mail that broke her heart

That one short mail brought her to tears

A mail that said he’d found a girl

And a proposal he would make to her

By the end of that autumn.

Sometimes love hurts you bad.

She thought what they had was special

All the sweet words and latenight calls

Had given her hopes

But the short mail of that autumn morning

Broke her heart and shattered her dreams

And for the first time she realized

That all they had together

Was only a friendship

Sometimes love makes you cry.

Sadness became her atmosphere

Each night she went to bed

With questions in her mind

Should she tell him how she felt

Or should she kept pretending

That she’s happy for him?

Was she too late to save herself?

Night after night she lay awake

Crying herself to sleep

Sometimes love makes you cry.

(Friday, September 14, 2012 at 6:36pm)

That Saturday Afternoon

A garden with few flowers

Where red roses and lilies bloom

In mid July after light showers

I met you that Saturday afternoon

As you made your entrance

Holding the Sunday school flower vase

With joy did my heart dance

Towards me you walked pace by pace

When you asked me to help pluck

Flowers for the Sunday school

I found it hard to believe my luck

'Cause I’d always acted like a fool

Twenty four years had passed since

That Saturday afternoon

And now finally I’m convinced

That you’re the only moon

Which will forever shine in my life.

( Saturday, September 8, 2012 at 3:16pm)

You Did Love Me

Every short text you sent

Every note you wrote to me

Every moment we spent

Those little things that made me see

The joy of being in love with thee

Had gone and passed

Like a gentle cold breeze in May

Which blows once in a while

To caress a farmer who works in his field

On a warm summer day.

That day we said goodbye

In my arms you lay

For a thousand times we kissed

For old times sake

Not a word to say

So you left without a word

But darling do remember

Once in your life

You did love me

And I loved you more.

(Friday, September 7, 2012 at 10:55am)

Something About Her

Without a smile

She gave me an eye

Six steps I took

And knelt on a knee

“Dance with me” said I

She leaned down and smiled

Whispered in a strange language

A language I didn’t understand

But I loved her anyway then

I loved her in any language

“Come again darling?” said I

So, again she whispered

“If you hold my hand,

I’ll hold your heart,

And if you kiss me;

I’ll keep you forever”

Without a pause nor a thought,

I held her hand and kissed her.

(Thursday, August 9, 2012 at 6:10pm)

A Game Of Shadows

I hear them whisper

“Look how death has plucked

His love and turned a young life

Into a shadow of sadness!”

But the sound of whispers disappear

As I walk along the corners

Of the street which

Once upon a time was our street.

Time after time your shadow appears

In my mind’s eyes

To remind me always

Of the game of shadows we played

Where you jumped and landed

Right on the shadow of my head

Is it too late now

To let you know

That you landed on my heart ?

You’d passed on

To another life; for another game of shadows

But, I wonder how you’d play

Cause your shadow remains

Here in my heart.

Worlds apart dreaming of you

Trying to catch the flashes of our lives

Is all I do when I’m alone

I’ll follow your shadow

Until loneliness and tears

Put me away to eternal sleep

Then I’ll awake!

To play a game of shadows

Forever with you.

(Tuesday, August 7, 2012 at 9:30pm)

Summer in a Bowl

A distant rumbling thunder

And the sound of your breathing,

Are all I could hear.

Asleep in my arms you lie,

In a small room near the market place,

A place where lovers hide.

As you lie here dreaming,

The smell of your hair,

‘Reminds me of us

Slipping away from a church,

On a warm summer afternoon;

The day we first kissed!’

‘Cause your hair today darling

Smells like summer in a bowl.

( Monday, August 6, 2012 at 11:55pm)

A Lady of Her Own

She curled her hair in her prime

A lady of her own

Curled up in bed all alone

Thoughts running through her minds

Dreaming for her prince charming

To come and rescue her

From her self inflicted loneliness

She longed not for a bed of roses

Nor a castle of her own

But for a lover-rescuer

I’d seen her once

On a windy day

Walking alone on a narrow path below my window

Her long curly hair blown all over

Then I’d wished

That I was the wind

To brush her long curly hair

With passion filled love

I’d bid farewell to this world in peace then

Knowing that I’d caressed her gentle being

Once in my lifetime.

(Sunday August 5 2012 7:05 pm)

An Evening With You

A lifetime with you

Will be too much to ask

Even angels will be surprised

At such a wild dream

So I dare not ask but instead

I prayed for an evening with you

Just one evening

On a hill where pine trees dance

To the rhythm of a gentle breeze

Where silence is broken by your laughter

And twilight brighten by your sweet smile

To sit beside you and gaze at

The most beautiful creation

Just for an evening

An evening worth of a lifetime.

(Friday August 3rd 2012)